Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I have spark!

Wiring is all done.  I just need to clean it up and paint my wiring plate now.  I have spark though.  Here in a few weeks, I should have it running.  I will post my wiring and wiring diagram in a few days.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Finally on two wheels...

The guy who painted my tank did a terrible job at lining up the stripes.  I guess I'll have to look for someone else to paint the tank for the second time...ugh....the whole thing was only $100 bucks, but it was that price due to a favor.  This was done by a professional who should have done a much better job than what I got.

In this picture you can see the stripes are uneven.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Chrome platers

I sent my chrome parts to Advanced Plating in Nashville, TN first.

After 1 month, I called them to check the status of my parts.  They told me they had no record of my parts ever coming in.  So basically, they lost $1,000 worth of my parts in their facility.  I had sent parts to be chromed and powder coated.  Several hours later they called me and told me they had found my parts in their shop.  They then sent me a quote for 6-8 weeks turn around time for my parts that they had lost in their shop for 1 month.  I requested my parts to be sent back.  Three days later, I was contacted by their shipping department and charged what I felt was well above average for my parts to be shipped back to me.  Additionally, I moved between the time that I shipped the parts and the expected return date, so my documentation that was sent with the parts had my new address.  Additionally, I included in my email:

I would like to go ahead and have my parts sent back to me. 
My return address is:
**** *****
*** ***** ****
Austin, TX  78758
Thank you.

Despite my packing list having my new address and my email having my new address, my parts were sent to my old address.

So this company lost my parts for a month, was instructed two different times where to send my parts and couldn't get that right, and then charged me a high amount to ship my parts back, after I was obviously not happy with their service.  I sent this email, to which they never replied.

"You guys sent this to the wrong address. 
I moved during the time you had my parts.  On my original paperwork, I had listed my new address as the return shipping address, *** **** ***** *****.   I again listed that address in our email correspondence.  Despite telling you two times where to ship the parts, you still did not get it right.  This is coming after you guys lost my parts at your facility for a month.  Luckily, my old neighbor saw the package and called me. 
I'm just writing this to let you know that my whole experience with Advanced Plating was poor.  Thankfully, my parts are back and I hope to send them to a competent company.  This has been an entire waste of my time and money."

After I received my parts, I sent them to Browns Plating in Kentucky.  The day they received my package, they called me and gave me a quote, they also emailed me a copy of the quote.  They turned my order around in 5 days and sent me a free T-shirt and an email to notify me of my parts shipping.  This is how a company should treat customers, and I would highly recommend this company.   

Tank is painted, chrome is in, fender is in, muffler is in.

The fender is aluminum.  I will polish it.

I should have the tank on Sunday.  I liked the paint scheme on this one so much, I decided to roll with it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Updated pic of my dad's shop...

A new addition

My tank has been sent off to get painted.  My frame is out for powdercoating.  My engine is reassembled.  All of my chrome work is sent off to Advanced Plating in Nashville.  I have received or have on order close to $1,000 in parts, which should be everything needed to get this bike put back together.  Now that I have (or had) the extra cash to move this along, I should be able to get this all back together within the next two or three months. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Got my front end back...

My dad brought my front end to me.  He kept it to finish the headlight mount, rotor spacer, and caliper bracket.

Rotor spacer

The wheel weights are a temp job until I get some better ones.  These just let me know how much and where to put the nice ones.

Front end

Caliper bracket.  Still needs to be polished, and may have some more machine work done later.  I want to put it on and figure out if I want to drill holes in it or something to fancy it up. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stripped frame

After dealing with one powder coater who did a shitty job on my wheels, and another one who flaked out on me, I have decided to just paint the frame myself.  Apparently Austin has everything except a decent powder coater.  Oh well...I got the frame stripped.  I need to do some final sanding on it, then I'll primer it next weekend.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Plating metal parts

Instead of using a commercial plater, I decided to plate my few metal parts that I'm reusing myself.  I bought a tin-zinc plating kit from Eastwood, http://www.eastwood.com/ew-electroplating-system-tin-zinc.html the kit has worked great.

4 parts on the right have been plated, the rest are raw.

Parts I've plated so far.  I have more to do, but this was the first batch.  I'm very happy with the finish.  It's a nice shiny silver.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New tank

Same size/shape as the one I bought before, but it had a rusty bottom.  It was cheaper to buy a new tank off ebay than to have the bottom replaced on the other one.  I like the paint scheme on this one.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Front end

I left this in Indiana for my dad to finish up.  I'll get it in a month or so.  It looks awesome so far.

Spacer that my dad machined to replace the speedometer gear/housing.  No speedometer will be used, so instead of just having a gear with no cable, this piece was made; it is aluminum with a steel insert.  He is also making a spacer to move the rotor out 1/4" and a bracket to mount the caliper.